"Stomp The Yard..... is more than a dance movie. It is a coming-of-age celebration of the human spirit; how a positive change can be made in life with the help of others. The film spotlights the power of brotherhood and sisterhood found in Black fraternities and sororities on Black college campuses and the ways the organizations shape and nurture young men and women." - Clarence Waldron, JET Magazine 

Not since Spike Lee's School Daze has a major motion picture focused on black college life, but on January 12th STOMP THE YARD will go one step further by delving into the black fraternity and sorority world, and the traditional African-American style of dance known as Stepping. STOMP THE YARD follows a young man from a hard-luck background in Los Angeles as he enrolls in an HBCU in Atlanta and enters the world of black fraternity and sorority step show competitions. The film stars Columbus Short, Meagan Good and R&B/Pop sensations Chris Brown and Ne-Yo.

The film was shot by Rainforest Films (The Gospel) on location in Atlanta, GA on the campuses of Morris Brown, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta Universities, but it was the portrayal of real fraternities and sororities that once generated controversy. "I'm happy that all issues with the fraternities and sororities have been resolved." states the film's producer Will Packer, a Florida A&M grad and 13-year brother of Alpha Phi Alpha. "This film was made to highlight the positives of these great organizations and I know it will make their memberships proud. In fact when the Alpha Phi Alpha rep watched the film to verify removal of their references, he stated that it made him proud. That was great validation."

In honor of the film's debut on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, Sony Pictures recently made the historic announcement that 2.5% of the proceeds from the film's opening weekend gross will be donated to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington DC. The MLK Memorial is the only Memorial on the National Mall dedicated to an African-American.
Additional support for STOMP THE YARD:
"This film evokes strong discussion on the importance of education, tradition and contemporary culture.  It depicts the college experience as a medium that can positively enhance and transform the lives of youth ," said Rev. Charles L. White, Jr. Director of the NAACP Southeast Region. "The NAACP for over 97 years has been the champion for human and civil rights of all Americans ensuring that African Americans in particular are portrayed in a positive light in the media.  We recognize that when it comes to forming ideas and establishing norms, nothing is more influential than the images and concepts delivered into our lives on a daily basis by radio, television, film and the Internet.  This film is a right step in a very positive direction. "

"This film stresses the value of unity while offering the world an image of our community's best and brightest," said John T. Grant CEO 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. "Our organization continues to provide educational and enrichment opportunities to America's youth through the united resources of a similar collective, and we are truly pleased to support films that showcase the genuine power of our collective spirit."

STOMP THE YARD is the first film in contemporary cinema to take a peek into black college life, black Greek life and the ultra-competitive world of stepping. STOMP THE YARD opens in theaters everywhere January 12th.

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